Rand Paul slammed for request for Kentucky tornado aid after history of denying help to other states
Rand Paul (AFP)

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R) came under a deluge of criticism on Saturday after pleading with President Joe Biden for federal aid after his home state was devastated by a series of tornadoes late Friday night and into Saturday morning.

Joining the chorus of critics was California Rep. Eric Swalwell (D).

Saturday the conservative Kentucky lawmaker posted a series of tweets showing he has asked for federal aid which led critics to point out his history of denying Americans in other states of the same consideration.

That led Swalwell to extend his sympathy to Kentuckians for their plight while also taking a slap at Paul and retweeting clips of him railing at using taxpayer dollars to help disaster victims.

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According to the California Democrat: "We should do all we can to help our Kentucky neighbors. God be with them — they are hurting. But do not for one second forget that @RandPaul has voted against helping most Americans most times they’re in need."

You can see one of Paul's Tweets below along with a sampling of the criticism he is receiving.