Rand Paul attempts to blame Biden for vaccine holdouts during Fox News rant about masks
Fox News screenshot

During an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) attempted to use a clip of President Joe Biden wearing a mask as the reason why some American's are balking at getting their COVID-19 vaccinations.

After viewing a clip of a masked-Biden on a Zoom call with world leaders, the Kentucky Republican mocked the president and then bizarrely said his use of a mask is one reason why some refuse the shots.

"The risks of the vaccines are less than the risk of the disease," Paul conceded before adding, "particularly if you are over 40 and overweight. When Biden goes on the computer screen on a Zoom call, and wears a mask, he is making a mockery of the science and this is dissuading people who are skeptical anyway."

"So if you want to convince people who are skeptical that the vaccine works, show them that we have protection after we have been vaccinated," he continued. " Show them, after we have had the disease naturally, that we are protected. "

Watch below:

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