WATCH: Rape suspect tries to escape through hotel window -- and it doesn't go well for him

When a rape and kidnapping suspect tried to make a break for it from police by jumping through a hotel window, the glass didn't give and the whole incident was captured on video, Fox29 reports.

Police body camera footage shows the suspect bolting for the window and trying to crash though it, only to bounce off the shatter-proof glass. After realizing his escape failed, the suspect pleads with officers, "Don't tase me."

Police were called to the scene when a hotel desk attendant noticed a man with a woman who seemed unwell. When the attendant signaled to the woman to see if she was okay, her reply indicated she was not. The woman was later taken to a hospital.

The suspect was identified as 20-year-old Onjre Damon George. He was charged with rape, kidnapping and felony assault.

Watch the video below:

Rape suspect bounces off reinforced glass while trying to jump through sixth floor window