Trump’s alliance with Putin against America
Kremlin photos of Putin and Trump

Donald Trump again blamed America for threatening the values of western civilization instead of the foreign nation that’s threatening them. “The greatest threat to western civilization today is not Russia,” he said. “It’s probably, more than anything else, ourselves, and some of the horrible USA-hating people that represent us.”

The criminal former president seemed to be taking Vladimir Putin’s side over his own country’s. Indeed, he thinks we should stay out of the war in Ukraine. He thinks Russia is a victim of American aggression. This pattern might be the only thing about this lying, thieving, philandering sadist that’s steady, reliable and predictable.

There was a time when it was political suicide for a leader to blame America first. That time continues – but only if we are to believe what his followers say about liberals, that they blame America first. Yet here we are, with Donald Trump blaming America first, and he’s not yet died politically. It’s almost like his followers understand that by “America,” he’s not talking about them. They are Realamericans.

The Russo-Realamerican allience

Realamerica is not the real America. Realamerica, according to its adherents, is a “nation” inside the real nation. It is a confederacy of the mind and spirit, made of pure makebelieve. Realamericans live according to God’s law. They share the goal of ruling, in God’s name, the real America. If Realamericans can’t dominate real Americans lawfully, they must take “the law” into their own hands. With the proliferation over two decades of semiautomatic rifles, they have.

I think it’s helpful to think about this confederacy of the mind and spirit when talking about Donald Trump’s treasonous remarks.

In a sense, he’s the president of Realamerica. He speaks for and represents this confederacy on the global stage. He seems to be taking Vladimir Putin’s side against his own country’s, but he’s not. Realamerica has an alliance with Russia against the real America.

This Russo-Realamerican alliance is critical to Putin’s war. As the Financial Times’ Edward Luce said, his best hope of winning in Ukraine is “for Nato’s resolve to collapse and America’s supply of money and weapons to dry up,” he said. “A Trump or [Ron] DeSantis presidency would be Russia’s likeliest chance of disuniting the west.”

Conversely, Trump’s best hope of retaking the presidency of the real America is for Realamerica’s foreign partner to sabotage Joe Biden’s campaign the way it sabotaged Hillary Clinton’s, using the only thing the Kremlin is good at, which is spreading propaganda and lies.

As Luce said, “the risk is that the Kremlin leader will further cement the view on the Maga right that Russia is the global champion of their anti-woke cause. Russian flags and T-shirts proclaiming ‘I would rather be a Russian than a Democrat’ are a regular sight nowadays.”

Trump’s followers prefer to be Russian because Democrats are real Americans, which is to say, Realamerica’s enemies. Realamericans have more in common with Russians. Real Americans live in this reality. Realamericans, however, live in a world of makebelieve without legitimacy, much like the “presidency” of Vladimir Putin.

So be it

It’s helpful to think of Trump as the president of a confederacy of the mind and spirit, because it clarifies the role of Republicans like Mitch McConnell. He knows appearing to side with the enemy of the real America is bad for his party. So he says things like the following:

“Republican leaders are committed to a strong trans-Atlantic alliance,” he said earlier this year. “We are committed to helping Ukraine. Not because of vague moral arguments or abstractions like the so-called ‘rules-based international order.’ But rather, because America’s own core national interests are at stake. Because our security is interlinked and our economies are intertwined.”

McConnell may seem to represent a split in the Republican Party over Ukraine. But when you see Trump as the president of Realamerica, and representing on the global stage that “nation” inside a real nation, you see it’s not. It’s the consequence of needing to hide Realamerica’s intentions of dominating the real America from the inside. If Russia happens to lend a hand, as it did in 2016, so be it.