Black parents say school suspended their daughter for 'stirring things up' by complaining about a racial slur

Officials at a school district in Missouri were the targets of a protest after a student claimed she was suspended by the Raytown South Middle School school for reporting a racial slur.

"It is the same school district where students reported a teacher used a racial slur in class the day before," Fox 4 Kansas City reports. "In the latest incident to surface, an eighth grade girl said a boy who's not a person of color referred to another student as an N-word in a chat."

The girl's father says she reported it to a teacher, who told her to report it to the administration.

"But the girl's parents say after feeling she was brushed off, she shared the racist comments on social media that night. She underlined the slur and added question marks and 'smh"=', meaning shaking my head. Monday when students returned to school there was reportedly a fight between the boys in the post," the station reported.

The parents say the district blamed her daughter for "stirring things up" by commenting on the racial slur, writes Fox 4 Kansas City

"My kid was suspended for reporting a racial slur made by a student," read a sign held outside the school by the student's mother.

The parents say their daughter was punished with three-days of out-of-school suspension, but changed the final two days to in-school suspension.

The parents say they're proud of their daughter for bringing attention to the racism.