Petition circulates in Scotland to rename airport Trump uses to get to his golf course for Joe Biden
Donald Trump in Scotland (AFP)

On Tuesday, The Scotsman reported that a petition is circulating in Scotland to name an airport that outgoing President Donald Trump relies on to get to his Turnberry golf resort after President-elect Joe Biden.

"The Scottish brewers BrewDog are known for their tongue in cheek antics, and have previously trolled Donald Trump by asking fans to name a beer inspired by him," said the report. "But now, co-founder of BrewDog James Watt is asking the people of Scotland to sign their petition to rename Prestwick Airport – where Trump often flies to when visiting Turnberry – 'Joe Biden International'."

The petition has been posted to

Trump Turnberry has been the focus of controversy. News reports in 2019 revealed that the Air Force was mysteriously stopping over at Prestwick Airport to refuel far more than was necessary, seemingly steering airmen to stay at Trump's resort on the taxpayer's dime — although an investigation failed to find any clear wrongdoing. Trump has also allegedly tried to use his office to pressure the British Open to host a tournament at Turnberry.

Members of the Scottish Parliament have reportedly discussed opening an investigation into how Trump acquired his properties in the country.