Reno 911 qanon special

The Daily Beast shared a new trailer of a special for the former Comedy Central show "Reno 911," where officers take on a special case investigating QAnon.

The long-running mockumentary of shows like "COPS," begins with a team meeting where Lieutenant Jim Dangle, played by Thomas Lennon, work to find "Q" so that they may "serve" him. It explores Florida as well as "Epstein Island" in an effort to uncover the patriotic cult leader.

The Reno 911 team has "had run-ins with the Proud Boys, volunteered to build a section of the Mexico wall, and tried to shoot an unarmed white guy to make our stats looks better, Q seemed right in our comfort zone," the Daily Beast quoted Robert Ben Garant, co-creator and Deputy Travis Junior actor.

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"There are also glimpses of frequent guest star Patton Oswalt, presumably reprising his role as the right-wing host of the 'White Genocide Radio Hour' and comedians Brian Posehn and Steve Agee as MAGA fanatics who start getting a little suspicious that the deputies might actually be cops," said the report.

"Reno 911" certainly isn't the only comedy show to make QAnon the butt of the joke. "South Park" did a 47-minute special on the conspiracy group, earning the show the highest ratings in several years with a total of 3.47 million views by the end of the evening, according to Nielsen, reported Comic Book Resource at the time.

See the "Reno 911" trailer below:

RENO 911! The Hunt for QAnon | Official Trailer | Paramount+