Marjorie Taylor Greene unloads unhinged rant accusing Biden of 'Nazi tactics' at school board meetings
Real America's Voice/screen grab

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) on Wednesday accused President Joe Biden of using "Nazi tactics" after the Department of Justice issued a memorandum about violence and intimidation at school board meetings.

In the memo, Attorney General Merrick Garland cited "a disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff who participate in the vital work of running our nation's public schools."

During an interview on Real America's Voice, host Steve Bannon alleged that "moms are being called domestic terrorists."

"That man [President Joe Biden] is trying to paint all of us as the enemy," Greene replied. "They're the ones that have used the Nazi tactics and I'm not afraid to say that anymore. I'm not talking about the Holocaust. I'm talking about tyrannical government. I'm talking about leaders. I'm talking about communism because that's who the Democrats are."

The lawmaker argued that requiring children to wear face masks during a pandemic is "child abuse."

"They are being abused, brainwashed into wearing masks and God knows what else," she opined. "The parents need to take control of the schools because they're the taxpayers and it's their money that pays for the schools. And so if the parents do not like their children being taught propaganda, communist propaganda or disgusting immoral sexual education or being told that they have to wear a mask when they go to school or anything else then it's the parents right to go into the school board and demand that it stop."

Greene insisted that parents could take over schools "without firing a single shot."

"Because this government is not meant to be a communist government like China," she asserted. "This government is meant to be a limited government that stays out of people's lives and out of children's education and out of the way of parents."

"The Democrats are doing everything they can to destroy our children, to rot them from within," Greene added, "to make them think terrible things about themselves such as question their gender, question who they are and be forced to cover their face, which is unhealthy, wrong and needs to stop immediately."

Greene went on to falsely suggest that the Biden administration was labeling parents "domestic terrorist" if they "stand up to" critical race theory or vaccine mandates "against a bioweapon made in China that only kills less than 1%."

But according to Johns Hopkins, Covid-19 has a case-fatality rate of 1.6% in the United States.

"And you're not a domestic terrorist if you went to the Capitol on January 6 supporting President Trump and hearing about election integrity and not wanting to see fraud in our elections systems," Greene said. "That doesn't make you a domestic terrorist. What happened on January 6 was a riot and it needs to be treated as so because people have been locked up in solitary confinement and now the FBI and the Department of Justice is [sic] hunting Americans all over the country."

Greene argued that people would fight back "because we've seen it before in our history books."

"We've seen it before with the Brown Shirts," she remarked. "We've seen it before with the Gestapo."

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.