Marjorie Taylor Greene says 4 percent of Georgia Republicans are going to protest the 2022 election

Far-right voters are apparently so furious with the lack of action in support of President Donald Trump's 2020 election that they're going to punish the GOP by sitting out the 2022 election.

Speaking on a show hosted by someone named CatTurd, Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) revealed Wednesday that she has a hard number that 4 percent of Republicans are protesting the election.

"We don't want a hand recount. We don't want to count up a lot of fraudulent ballots. We want an audit," said Greene. "People do not trust their elections. People feel like their votes were stolen. Until we can restore voter confidence I think we have troubled waters ahead."

"Voter confidence" is the justification many Republicans have given to pass voter suppression laws. When leaders were unable to find actual voter fraud, they've attempted to pass laws based on the way they say "people" are "feeling" about possible election fraud.

Greene claimed that she did a tele-town hall Tuesday evening and she took a poll about if people plan to vote. Four percent of those in the event said they refused.

See Greene's interview below: