Former Trump official says Dr. Fauci has 'blood of over 4 million people on his hands' in bizarre WWE-style video

Trump administration economist Peter Navarro accused Dr. Anthony Fauci of killing millions of people during a Monday appearance on Steve Bannon's podcast.

"Tony Fauci, if [conoravirus] came from that lab," he said, pointing to a computer-generated image the Wuhan Institute of Virology, "is the godfather of this pandemic and he has the blood of over four million people on his hands."

"He needs to be out, out, out of the National Institutes of Health," he said, while gesturing wildly.

Navarro regularly clashed with Fauci during his tenure over implementing public health restrictions during the pandemic.

Despite Navarro's rhetoric, however, there is no evidence that Fauci created the novel coronavirus in a Wuhan lab.

Watch the video below.