Here's how Donald Trump could ruin the GOP's seemingly easy path to taking back the House
U.S. President Donald Trump speaks about Iran and the Iran nuclear deal in the Diplomatic Room of the White House in Washington, U.S., October 13, 2017. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Republicans are confident of their chances of retaking the House majority, and one analysts says they should just give up if they fail.

Minority leader Kevin McCarthy says he'd bet his own house that Republicans will take back the majority, needing a net gain of only five seats, and Democrats face some major obstacles in holding onto their slim advantage, reported Roll Call.

"Democrats have their narrowest majority in more than a generation, and Republicans have redistricting and history on their side in the midterm elections," wrote Roll Call's Nathan Gonzalez. "There's really no excuse for the GOP if it can't pull this off."

The president's party has lost an average of 30 seats over the past 25 midterm elections, and The Cook Political Report's David Wasserman predicted Republicans could gain up to eight seats through redistricting alone -- which could give the GOP a majority with around 30 seats to spare.

"That's a lot of wiggle room for potential candidate flameouts, message problems or tepid fundraising," Gonzalez said. "Republicans have figured this out, and that's what makes them so confident, and so unwilling to give ground on legislation this Congress. They can smell the majority."

But, of course, there are few guarantees in electoral politics -- particularly with a twice-impeached one-term president lurking in the background.

"Without Donald Trump on the ballot, Republicans could struggle to turn out his entire coalition, including voters who see GOP and Democratic leaders as part of the same swampy problem," Gonzalez wrote. "Trump could also complicate typical midterm trends by interjecting himself into the national conversation and making 2022 more of a choice between two parties rather than a referendum on Democrats' control of Washington."