Democrats fear Republicans are endangering their lives as insurrection fallout escalates: report
Marjorie Taylor Greene (Facebook)

Democrats are increasing voicing fears that Republicans on Capitol Hill are a threat to their lives.

"In the aftermath of last week's deadly assault on the Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump, members of Congress are expressing something once unthinkable: that some of their own colleagues may be endangering their lives. Not in a rhetorical sense, but in a direct and immediate way," NBC News correspondent Benjy Sarlin reported Thursday. "Since the deadly riot on January 6, lawmakers have suggested — not, so far, backed up by evidence — that far right colleagues may have helped plan or guide the attack itself. There are particular concerns about some newly-elected members who have espoused extremist views, including comments supportive of the QAnon libel that accuses perceived enemies of Trump of being part of a child abusing cult."

"Democrats are outraged at 147 Republicans who they argue abided by the rioters' calls and voted to overturn election results even after the violent attack, which left five people dead and forced lawmakers to hide in their offices and safe rooms," NBC News reported. "With members traumatized, hundreds of members of the National Guard sleeping in congressional hallways, and warnings from authorities of continued threats, suspicion and rumor are running rampant."

Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ) is urging an investigation into whether Republican members of Congress conspired with the insurrectionists.

He laid out her suspicions during a video posted to Facebook on Thursday.

Over 30 Democrats have signed on to her effort.