Republican caught denouncing vaccines to Fox News then supporting them to CNN just hours later
Congresswoman Nancy Mace. (Screenshot)

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) was caught trying to pretend she's both for and against vaccines. In an interview with Fox News on Sunday, Mace told Jason Chaffetz she believed in "natural immunity." But just hours later, she had another story for CNN.

"One of the things that the CDC has not done and no policy at the federal level has done is taken into account what natural immunity does, and that may be what we're seeing in Florida today," Mace complained. "In some studies that I've read, natural immunity gives you 27 times more protection against future COVID than a vaccination."

"So we need to take all of the science into account and not selectively choosing what science to follow when we are making policy decisions," Mace added.

In less than 24 hours, Mace spoke to CNN's Kaitlan Collins with another story entirely.

"COVID-19 is very serious business," Mace began. "I'm a long hauler. This is a disease and illness we should take seriously. I want to encourage the American people to talk to their doctors and talk about getting vaccinated. I was recently diagnosed, Caitlyn, with asthma and I had covid-19 a year and a half ago. I'm still feeling the repercussions a year and a half later."

Mace previously faced off against Speaker Nancy Pelosi because Mace refused to wear a mask.

It's a message that Fox News has been criticized for ignoring while allowing some of its personalities to spin conspiracy theories during their primetime shows.

Mace then went on to attack "both sides" so many times that a Twitter user created a mash-up.

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