Defeated Nevada Republican says his party's false claims about voter fraud sabotaged his election
Photo: Drew Johnson campaign website

For years, Republican candidates have made false claims about Democrats stealing elections through fraud.

But now one Nevada Republican is claiming that these claims have backfired and even cost him his election earlier this month.

In a press release, posted by Nevada Independent's John Ralston, a Clark County candidate for Commissioner, Drew Johnson, attacked his own party for suppressing the vote by saying that the elections were already rigged.

He highlighted the close elections in Clark County that were determined by fewer than 1,500 votes, noting that Democrats won all of those races.

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"These facts may lead some to wonder if voter fraud impacted my race and if the election was stolen," said Johnson. "The answer is 'yes, but not like some people think.' Nearly 18,000 registered Republicans in my district did not vote. Many of these Republicans didn't vote because people in our party leadership, other GOP candidates and respected grassroots conservative activists led them to believe the election was rigged."

He then highlighted "would-be Republican voters" who were told by people like Donald Trump that voting by mail wasn't secure. Those people likely opted out of the mail ballots, he concluded.

"As a result, these people had no ballot to drop off when terrible weather and long lines deterred them from voting in person on Election Day," said Johnson. "So, yes, my election was stolen — the threat of fraud caused us as Republicans to rig the election against ourselves. In fact, Republicans would have a U.S. Senator, a Clark County Commissioner, potentially three more State Senators, and at least six more State Assemblymen if more registered Republicans simply filled in a few bubbles on a ballot and walked to their mailboxes."

See the full statement from Johnson below.