david jolly
David Jolly (Photo: Screen capture)

The Republican Party once stood for freedom and liberty, but according to former Rep. David Jolly, of Florida, that is no longer the case.

Speaking with a panel of political experts, MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace played clips of the Pennsylvania rally with former President Barack Obama and current President Joe Biden. After rousing segments of Obama's fiery needling against Mehmet Oz and Doug Mastriano, Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who is running for governor, gave a barn-burning speech of his own.

Shapiro called out specific things that Republicans are doing now, like stopping women from having access to abortion, regulating what children can read and trying to stop LGBTQ people from marrying.

Jolly called the speech from Shapiro "incredibly smart" that others should follow.

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"He dismantled the Republicans' narrative of freedom," he explained. "Republicans shout freedom as this declaration. Democrats embrace it as a calling for policy changes, right? How do you create true freedom of opportunity, equality of opportunity for all walks of life and education and health care and the economy?"

He noted that as a Florida person he's closer to what's happening there, and in those cases, the idea of "freedom" is slowly being eroded by the GOP.

"A declaration of freedom you can be anything you want to be, do everything you want, but that's not true if you're an LGBT teacher or lost a family member to covid because the governor denied mask mandates or a corporation like Disney who speaks out using the voice of your shareholders and employees," explained Jolly. "The Republican narrative of freedom is a false one and what Shapiro did is dismantled it and said as a potential next governor of the state of Pennsylvania, as a Democratic standard barrier what I'm about to tell you is freedom in America could look different than what you've been promised in the last six years. It's a powerful message."

Watch video below or at this link.