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The Republican Party is drawing criticism after its "research" Twitter account posted a video of President Joe Biden reaffirming that Vladimir Putin has no business being in power. It prompted many to ask if they were posting it as a criticism because the GOP believes Putin should stay in power.

It recalls the 2016 decision by the Republican Party to change the platform saying that they will not give weapons to Ukraine in a fight against Russia or rebel forces.

Those in the national security committee platform meeting were on the other side of the issue. A Washington Post report at the time cited platform committee member Diana Denma saying that most wanted to see the GOP support greater sanctions against Russia. It took just a few years for the GOP to flip to support Putin's attempt to takeover northeastern Ukraine, claiming the people there wanted to be in Russia.

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Others, including a former Secretary of Defense, explained Sunday that Biden has been saying what the rest of America already believes.

"He has killed thousands of women be and children. He has put them in a position of starving, kidnapped them, taking them back to Russia. And suddenly Republicans are getting concerned about this particular statement?" said former Secretary William Cohen to CNN about Putin.

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