We're witnessing the 'death rattle' of the Republican Party after Trump destroyed it: MSNBC commentator
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. (Mande Ngan/AFP)

A "Morning Joe" discussion on the long-term effect Donald Trump has had on the Republican Party led an MSNBC contributor to suggest the GOP may be damaged beyond repair and we are now witnessing its "death rattle" as various factions jockey for power.

Speaking with co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, MSNBC regular and journalist Mike Barnicle wondered aloud if the party will be able to survive.

"We do three hours a day of live TV here each week," Barnicle began. "That is 15 hours a week and we could spend all 15 hours trying to answer the question that we've been circling around here for the past five or six minutes: are we witnessing the death rattle of a once great political party, the Republican Party?"

"Are they so enamored of one person, the former guy who has done such damage to the country as a whole? That is the first thing," he continued. "The institutions of government as a whole, that is the second thing, but the biggest thing is for them, for the republicans, have they -- has he really planted the seeds of destruction within the Republican Party."

"Joe Scarborough, you are an expert on the Republican Party, but the Republican Party that we speak about today is not your Republican Party. It's not the Republican Party that you represented quite ably in Florida; that you could articulate quite well, better than most Republicans," he added. "There is something really dangerous going on in this country right now and part of it is the Republican Party's march toward their own death. and it is an incredible topic. It is an interesting topic. We could do it 15 hours a week and we still couldn't answer why did they get here and where they going."

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