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The co-hosts of "The View" clashed with Republican colleague Alyssa Farah over the Republican Party's latest attempts to pass a nationwide abortion ban after advocating for months that "states' rights" should rule laws around the procedure.

Goldberg lashed out at the GOP, emphasizing that the ones pushing this were men like Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Rand Paul (R-KY).

"Listen, I just can't take it. All these men talking about what is right. You don't have -- you don't know jack about my body," Goldberg shouted. "You didn't take enough time to sit down with anybody to find out what the -- what really can go wrong with a woman's body. She can want to have the baby and still have stuff go wrong with her body, and you guys have not put any thought about that into it. We have a woman now who is -- who is fighting for the right to get an abortion because there seems to be some sort of beat in the -- in her body, in the baby, but the baby's brain has not developed. The baby's arms have not developed and you're making her carry this, in this shape. What the hell?"

There's also a report that women who have cancer are being forced to wait to get life-saving treatment if they're pregnant because chemotherapy can harm a fetus. Women in Alabama are being jailed in one county because the county believes the fetus could be in danger.

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Alyssa Farah cut in to say that such a push is bad politics for Republicans.

"For a long time my party has argued states should decide abortion rights," she said. "That was what the statements were. It should have been decided by the states, so Lindsey Graham just went completely rogue by saying this should be federally - we should have a federal restriction on abortion. I think he thought it was going to give him goodwill with some parts of the base, but I disagree with the approach entirely. The vast majority agrees with some access to abortion and some limitations. Fifteen weeks is on par with some places in Europe, but let states make that decision."

"How about let the women make that decision? The hell with these states," Goldberg shot back.

Sunny Hostin noted that "states' rights" hasn't always worked out so well for all Americans.

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Sara Haines said that going up to the federal level means it will mandate everything for the states, but it won't override the strict laws that states have passed. So, it disproportionately targets states that have abortion allowances or that are passing protections.

"He has cherrypicked the way it applies. He calls it a late-term -- late-term abortion act. By the way, 15 weeks for anyone that doesn't know is one week into your second trimester," Haines said, saying that it isn't "late-term" by any stretch. "And just to clear up an often referenced myth that is used to get a certain political outcome, there is no such thing as people having late-term abortions. There is no such thing as people having late-term abortions. 1.3 percent of abortions are performed at greater than 21 weeks, and usually for heartbreaking medical reasons. I have yet to see one situation where someone decides that. That is a myth being shopped around to get a certain political outcome. 91% of all abortions are performed in the first trimester. So, until we are all clear on the information and data, we should not be toying with this because it's being falsely shopped around."

Farah said that she believes in some limitations on abortion and "some on the left have gone a bit too far, but this was a day -- the vast majority of our country is dealing with the economic situation that we have. The president hosts this event celebrating the passing of the inflation reduction act," she said trying to change the subject.

"We're talking about apples and oranges right now. Are we done with this particular subject?" Goldberg asked.

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Farah made the point that her party basically shot itself in the foot by rolling this out Tuesday.

"They made a law and y'all went around and decided because your religious fervor got you crazy and decided that that -- listen. I believe in life. I'm not anti-life. I've never been anti-life. I'm anti-people putting their fingers in other people's business of who they love and how they love, and I am incensed that this is something that people really thought they should do without doing the homework and finding out what it means," Goldberg said finally.

Joy Behar cut in to note that the idea that Graham is basing the 15-week ban on "European countries" is a little disingenuous because few countries have such a cut-off. Even those that do offer free healthcare, free pregnancy care, it's free to give birth in the country, and many European countries give parents a year off of maternity leave after having a child. At the same time, the countries teach comprehensive sex education to help reduce pregnancies and they ensure there's access to free contraception.

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