Maddow breaks down how Republicans are destroying their relationship with big business

On MSNBC Thursday, Rachel Maddow highlighted how the Republican Party's increasingly aggressive assaults on voting rights are causing large corporate interests to break with them publicly.

"Last night's show, we talked about the fact that two huge corporations and huge employers headquartered in Georgia, Delta and Coca-Cola, came out last night in strong terms denouncing the Georgia voting law," said Maddow. "Those actions, however late they were by Delta and Coca-Cola, seem to have rung a bell by other corporations finding themselves in similar circumstances as they try to attack voting laws all around the country. Tonight ... both Dell and American Airlines came out against a copycat voting bill in Texas that the legislature has already passed through the Texas Senate and it looks to be on its way through the Texas House, too. It's a really interesting development."

"In the past half hour or so, we're also hearing from AT&T, a huge corporation also headquartered in Texas," added Maddow. "They also put out a statement telling Texans to back off what they're trying to do. The statement from AT&T is not as blunt as what we got from other corporations today, but still, this is happening quickly now and it's worth watching."

"In terms of what's going on with ... the Republican Party post Trump, part of what's important here is in these Republican-controlled states, this is Republicans in the legislature being cleaved from business interests in those states," continued Maddow. "They would very much like to see themselves on the same side as those big interests, but they can't unless they decide they want to be on the right side of voting rights, and Republicans in these states have decided the opposite. This could be consequential in a lot of ways."

Watch below: