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"The View" co-hosts began Thursday's show with a discussion about the speech by President Joe Biden on Wednesday night over the ongoing political violence and the MAGA Republican candidates who believe in bringing down American democracy.

The conversation prompted a debate over political issues that are the most important to voters this election and comments made by former President Barack Obama at political rallies this week.

Sara Haines indicated that her most important issue, which she acknowledged is a privileged one financially, is the election deniers "because I think it stands at the heart of democracy."

Sunny Hostin said that what has been the most surprising to her is a poll she read on Wednesday saying that "white, Republican, suburban women are now going to vote Republican."

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"Why?" asked Joy Behar.

"It's almost like roaches voting for RAID, right?" Hostin quipped to laughter and applause from the audience.

Republican Alyssa Farah Griffin called that take "insulting to the voter."

"They're voting against their own self-interest," said Hostin.

"Do we want to live in a democracy or not," asked Griffin. "Because just saying that is insulting to the voter. People make up decisions based on what is right for their family. And the idea that you should have a say for everyone else's vote."

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"The fact that women are voting against their own healthcare," Hostin said before being interrupted again.

"You had a very different view on abortion," Griffin cut in.

"I have that view," Hostin said.

"Why is another woman not able to have another view," Griffin asked.

"I am very surprised that white, Republican, suburban women —" Hostin began again before being cut off.

"Why have you so recently evolved on the issue?" asked Griffin.

"I have not really recently evolved on the issue. I am Catholic. I believe that abortion is wrong for me. But I also believe in separation between the state, government and church. I do not have the right to tell someone else, however, they are voting against their own self-interest."

Hostin's take is a pro-choice one, that the government has no role in making healthcare decisions for anyone and that people can have their own opinions and can make their own decisions about what is right for their families. The GOP position has become that the state should decide what is best for their families.

"You know, you're not voting for Republicans. You're voting for a cult. Remember that," Behar chimed in. "It's a cult. It's not Republicans anymore."

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