Republicans are losing the battle against Biden: conservative columnist
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. (Mande Ngan/AFP)

Conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin has a warning for Republicans: you're losing.

Writing Thursday, Rubin noted that if Republicans thought they could use the same playbook they did to attack former President Barack Obama, they're sadly mistaken. That hasn't stopped them from trying, though.

"When you look at what actual voters think, it is the GOP (which has shrunk to 25 percent of the electorate, according to Gallup polling) who dug itself into a hole," she explained. Citing the Morning Consult-Politico poll, Rubin noted that Biden's approval is at 60 percent and only 37 percent disapproval, winning over independents 52 percent to 40.

"Republicans' quibbling about the definition of infrastructure has largely fallen on deaf ears," Rubin explained. "Voters generally have more expansive definitions for infrastructure, which in their minds includes schools (70 percent say it's infrastructure), child care (53 percent), manufacturing (69 percent), water pipes (78 percent), Internet (68 percent), housing (69 percent). Biden's overall plan gets 57 percent approval, with only 24 percent disapproval. Mention an increase in corporate taxes, and support climbs to 62 percent."

Axios reported on a focus group with swing voters Wednesday night that revealed a similar understanding. They too understand that infrastructure is broader than just roads and bridges. Interestingly, they said that they wanted to see a bipartisan plan. What wasn't asked, however, is whether they would refuse any infrastructure package if it wasn't bipartisan.

While infrastructure is the top bill on the Biden agenda, Americans also stand with him on gun safety laws. A whopping 83 percent of Americans want background checks and 64 percent want a ban on assault-style weapons. Similarly, 65 percent want to ban high-capacity magazines. There's overwhelming support for mandatory waiting periods, raising the age to buy guns to 21 and so-called "red flag" laws that would remove guns from those having mental illness episodes. While elected Democrats overwhelmingly support regulations on guns, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is holding up the ability to win any meaningful safety laws.

Democrats are also feeling empowered to vote in the 2022 midterm elections where Republicans are seeing a depressed interest.

Rubin closed with a reminder to the president's foes: "Republicans and the media have continually underestimated Biden and his team. They should take a look at the scoreboard."

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