John Oliver: Republicans appear to be running on a platform of 'let's do the coup again but better'
Last Week Tonight host John Oliver - (HBO screenshot)

John Oliver focused on the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on Congress and the scam to overthrow the 2020 election.

Oliver began by focusing on John Eastman, who he warned, should be an indication to everyone to get rid of their lawyer if they show up to court.

Former White House Counsel Eric Herschmann testified before the committee that the idea that one man can decide who the next president of the United States is unconstitutional. He asked, "are you out of your effing mind?"

"Right. Although, I will say at this point, you can just say 'f*ck,'" advised Oliver. "Democracy is hanging on by a thread, and you had a front-row seat. You can say f*ck. You said it then and you should say it now, because what he was suggesting to you there was bonkers. The idea that a single person can decide a presidency is completely against the ideals of this country which is why the Constitution starts with 'We the People,' and not 'Mike.'"

He explained that the point of the Jan. 6 hearing is to understand what happened and lessons for how to stop it from ever happening again. But according to some Republicans, it didn't go far enough.

Already there are over 100 Republican primary winners willing to stand up against American democracy and instead for Donald Trump.

Oliver looked at Donald Trump loyalist Jim Marchant, who is running for Nevada secretary of state. Amusingly, Marchant was happy to cite "the deep state cabal" against America. But when asked who he was alleging would steal the elections, he replied, "I don't know. I think it's a global thing."

Oliver said it was a refreshing answer coming from a conspiracy theorist.

"Look, we all know there's a secret cabal pulling the strings of politicians around the world, but I'm certainly not going to wildly speculate about it. That would be irresponsible," Oliver said, pretending to be Marchant.

He's not the only one, Oliver pointed out that he is the leader of the America First Secretary of State Coalition, for far-right candidates willing to overthrow an election for the far right.

Audrey Trujillo is one of them and Kristina Karamo is another. While he pointed out the bizarre conspiracy theories of each of the candidates, Karamo's main one is that pre-marital sex paves the way for pedophilia. She's also an anti-vaccine person. Not merely the coronavirus vaccine but all vaccines. Oliver played the audio of her whispering into the phone about her anti-vaccine beliefs.

"Oh, come on, you don't sound crazy, whispered voice on the phone," he mocked. "I'm not saying she's wrong. She's wrong in such an outdated way. It's like being mad at Bill Clinton for smoking weed. You're mad at him for that? Come on, get with the program!"

Frankly, Oliver continued, "it should give everyone pause because the Jan. 6 committee is reminding everyone just how close we came to democracy basically collapsing. It was a hand full of people in the right position choosing to do the right thing that saved us from a constitutional crisis. But there are candidates running for consequential candidates running for office right now on the platform right now that basically, 'let's do the coup again, but better next time!'"

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