Republicans were rattled by insurrection footage because they know they're on trial too: CNN's Jeff Zeleny
Sky Palma

On CNN Wednesday, correspondent Jeff Zeleny weighed in on the reactions of senators to the harrowing footage of the violence at the Capitol insurrection in January during the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump.

"We saw Senator Schumer there. That was very dramatic video we had not seen before. He was walking up the Capitol visitor center with his detail and then abruptly was walking back the other way into the underground tunnels from the Capitol building over to the Senate office building," said Zeleny. "I am told that Speaker Pelosi is here in Washington, she's watching this trial unfold as she's tending to other matters as well. But seeing the speaker's hallway there and those staffers hiding inside that conference room, seeing people try and open the door, ramming the door, and hearing that audio, we have not seen this from this perspective."

"Again, we do not know if this will change any votes, but this was the most emotional part of the trial," said Zeleny. "And unlike a criminal trial, again, this is a public trial as well. This is something, as John [King] was saying before, that the Republican Party's on trial. It absolutely is. That's why so many Republicans here are bothered by this. But this of course will set the president's legacy going forward."

Watch below: