'No price has been paid': Republicans who voted to overturn the election are getting away scot-free

On Thursday, in a blistering indictment of the political system, Susan Glasser wrote for The New Yorker that Washington appears ready to move on from the Capitol insurrection — and not do anything more to hold to account Republican members of Congress who had a hand in inflaming it, either by participating in the pre-riot "Save America" rally or voting to overturn the election results.

"Three months later, no price has been paid by the Republicans who took that vote," wrote Glasser. "In the immediate aftermath of January 6th, this outcome was not entirely clear. Some Republican politicians initially disavowed Trump and seemed to believe that his hold on the Party would dissipate — Nikki Haley, I'm thinking of you — but have since proved eager to run away from their own words. Many companies even announced that they would suspend political donations to those who had voted against certifying the election results, suggesting there might actually be consequences. Instead, the inevitable walk-back has already started."

Many prominent Republicans were implicated in this crisis, from Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), who led the charge to block certification in the Senate, to Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL), who spoke at the rally and is now running for Senate.

"This is hardly surprising," wrote Glasser. "Washington is a calculating place, and these companies have calculated, accurately, where the vast majority of Republican officials in Congress still stand. Papering over a scandal, assuming that the public is not paying enough attention to care about a few donations which really matter only to the politicians who receive them — that's what this town is all about."

"In the Washington of Walter Mondale, a President attacking the legitimacy of an American election was unthinkable," wrote Glasser. "Three months after it actually happened, what is unthinkable is that Republicans would even consider repudiating the President who did it."

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