Former Trump aide Ric Grenell: Jan. 6 was a horrible day because that's when Trump was kicked off Twitter

During an appearance on Newsmax, Ric Grenell, who was acting Director of National Intelligence under former President Donald Trump, gave his thoughts on President Joe Biden's speech on the anniversary of the Capitol riot.

"This guy, Joe Biden, and the Democrats in Washington are so afraid of Donald Trump coming back because Donald Trump doesn't play by the rules of Washington D.C.," Grenell said., referring to Biden's speech. "He doesn't do this drama in the leadup and then sucker punch you at the end to say, 'Now you gotta go along with me, I'm the bridge to equality otherwise you're a racist if you don't want our legislation' -- this is shameful what's happening in Washington D.C."

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Grenell had more to say.

"Let me finish with this: January 6 was a terrible day because it's the day Big Tech and the media kicked President Trump off Twitter and silenced his voice," he said. "That was a day that was an attack on our democracy."

Watch the video below: