CNN panel stunned by forcefulness of Biden’s Jan. 6 speech: ‘He just called the former president twisted!’

On CNN Thursday, anchor Wolf Blitzer and a panel of analysts reacted to President Joe Biden's fiery speech laying the January 6 Capitol attack directly at the feet of former President Donald Trump.

"It does show where we have come a year from January 6th, where some people maybe thought we would be in a different position in the United States," said correspondent Kaitlan Collins. "But clearly, the president of the United States feeling the need to go on the anniversary of this and say his predecessor is a liar is notable."

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"Yeah, I've never heard an American president accuse a former president of being a liar along these lines, a threat to American democracy," said Blitzer. "He didn't mention Trump by name. He didn't have to mention Trump by name. He referred to the former president over and over again."

"He just called the former president of the United States twisted," Gloria Borger later added. "I mean, this is, you know, Joe Biden unbound here. It's just -- it is remarkable how he directly went after the former defeated president."

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