Trump's base starting to find him boring -- but GOP hasn't offered an alternative: conservative
Donald Trump at a rally, photo by Gage Skidmore.

Donald Trump continues to issue statements and proclamations from his Truth Social network and make jabs against his enemies at public rallies, but they've lost much of their power to shock.

The twice-impeached former president remains banned from Twitter and Facebook, but the rest of the media has largely tuned out his conspiracy theories, personal attacks and political threats, and conservative Rich Lowry examined the reasons in a new column for Politico.

"It’s a blessing and a curse for formerly cutting-edge musicians to see their once radically countercultural material show up in TV ads for automobiles or other common consumer products," wrote Lowry, the editor-in-chief of National Review. "There’s no danger that Trump will ever be similarly laundered into the mainstream, or graduate into a beloved or respected elder statesman as almost all American presidents do at some point."

"But he can become boring, which will put at risk one of the pillars of his appeal as the most wildly entertaining, madcap national political figure of our lifetimes," he added.

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Lowry said he thought Trump's act had become stale in 2015, more than a year before he was elected president, but he said even his MAGA base seems a little tired of him going through the motions at rallies.

"There’s no doubt that rally attendees still enthusiastically enjoy Trump’s lines," Lowry wrote. "And the party’s identification with him may still be so strong that seeking retribution for all the wrongs that were done or allegedly done to him — most especially his loss in 2020 — will be a profound motivator for primary voters in 2024, should Trump go again."

But, that said, Lowry pointed out that Republicans haven't offered an alternative -- yet.

"There’s also no beating something with nothing," he wrote. "If Trump’s rallies are stale, what hot new event in Republican politics is going to supplant them? The fact is that Trump at his most dull still may be more interesting than a conventional Republican at his or her most entertaining."

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