'He plowed his plane into the ground': Trump-backing conservative writes brutal obituary for his presidency

National Review editor Rich Lowry was a "Never Trump" conservative during the 2016 election, although he gradually warmed to the president and supported his re-election in 2020.

After Trump unleashed an angry mob at the Capitol building, however, Lowry found that his initial wariness of the president to be fully justified, and now he's written a brutal column for Politico in which he takes Trump's diehard supporters to task for brushing off concerns about his character that led to last week's tragedy.

Specifically, Lowry takes on Trump-loving writer Michael Anton, who argued in his infamous 2016 essay about the "Flight 93 election" that conservatives had to back Trump to the hilt lest they face "certain death" under a Hillary Clinton presidency.

"Donald Trump finally did exactly what the foremost metaphor associated with his political rise would have suggested -- he plowed his plane straight into the ground," Lowry writes at the start of his column.