Shocking footage: Cop tases suspect after he puts hands up – then beats him with stun gun

A California police officer has been fired and is facing a felony assault charge related to a traffic stop he conducted in Richmond, California, local news outlet KRON 4 reported this week.

On April 9, 2022, then-Officer Eric Smith Jr., 28, allegedly struck the victim multiple times with a taser, causing great bodily injury. Smith faces one count of felony assault with a deadly weapon due to the incident, which happened while he was on duty. He's also charged with inflicting great bodily injury as well as for the use of a deadly and dangerous weapon.

Body cam video of the incident shows that Smith Jr. deployed his taser after the suspect raised his hands in the air.

In a statement this Wednesday, the Richmond Police Department announced that Smith had been fired.

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"It's clear in this video that the suspect does not appear to be resisting," said Richmond Police Chief Bisa French. "I want to apologize to the individual that was involved in this incident as well as the community at large. Officer Smith's actions are unacceptable."

Smith Jr. had been featured in a video by the Richmond Police Department that highlighted his work in the community, according to KRON 4.

“I felt that my calling was to kind of be on the street, where I can reach people and prevent them from getting to the county jail,” Smith Jr. said in the video, which has been deleted. “In the City of Richmond you can see a young child and say ‘Hey man, I know your brother is taking this route but you don’t have to…’ Being a police officer is the best job and it’s very rewarding.”

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Speaking to KRON 4, Smith's attorney claimed that he was just looking out for his own safety when he assaulted the suspect.

"Eric Smith is a brilliant police officer and a great young man. He has taken more guns off the street than the entire department combined thus saving countless lives. It isn’t easy dealing with the violent criminal element these days," said Smith attorney Harry S. Stern. "They have no respect for the law and too often have been getting a free pass, which only increases the vigor of their assaults against the public and police officers. The suspect was likely armed with one pistol which he discarded. It was entirely reasonable for young Ofc. Smith to believe he might have another."

Richmond police officer fired, charged with felony for excessive use of force