Lincoln Project's Rick Wilson warns a Civil War is coming — if it isn't here already
Rick Wilson (HBO)

Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson said that the Washington world of "elite Republicans" are playing a game in which they hear former President Donald Trump insult and attack or say inappropriate things and they clutch their pearls, only to forget they ever cared to begin with.

MSNBC host Yasmin Vossoughian quoted Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO), who chastised the former president for refusing to hand over any documents when they were requested over a year ago. The government began asking for the stolen documents in May 2021. It wasn't until the first of 2022 that the National Archives was forced to travel down to Mar-a-Lago and bring back a truckload of boxes containing what Trump stole.

Once the Archives discovered that there were classified and top secret documents involved, they turned the issue over to the Justice Department. After requests and letters, the DOJ, mid-year, issued a subpoena, and months after that they executed a search warrant.

Former Trump chief of staff Mick Mulvaney tweeted the question: What happens if the documents Trump stole had to do with the Russia investigation? The tweet came after Mulvaney dismissed the concern because they were "just documents."

"Yeah, it's just documents, highly classified documents leaving assets overseas highly vulnerable," said Vossoughian.

Wilson explained that "elite Washington has a very convenient game where they back away slowly and they say to reporters especially, 'I don't believe it,'" he used as one frequently said GOP claim. Another he said was, "'I can't get behind this.' Then when they realize that Trump still controls 35 percent of the Republican base with an absolute iron grip, they will then drift back and say, but, it's obviously the FBI's fault. They will make excuses. This is a game that Washington plays. They tried it a lot to try and convince reporters that they're in on the gag and how terrible Trump is. The reality is they will always go back into the kneeling position in front of Donald Trump when he snaps the whip in exercises his power over the base of the party, which is still uncontested by any of the Republican leader in the country."

Vossoughian went on to cite the political belief that a civil war is coming and the far-right believe that one-third of Americans believe that the "American way of life" is disappearing.

Wilson explained that the civil war is already happening.

"The biggest fault anyone in America can have from 2015 on is not imagining that the worst can happen," said Wilson. "Because the worst can happen. The worst has happened. No one before 2015 would've said, 'Oh, a president will not accept the results of election and will launch a violent attack on the U.S. Capitol.' There was a failure of imagination. There has been one over and over again when it comes to both Trump and to the authoritarian movement that he has spawned and supported in fostered and pushed. The idea that we cannot end up in a civil war — it is absurd. We certainly can! The great writer William Gibson once said and that 'The future is here, it is just not evenly distributed yet.' We have a civil war that is not evenly distributed yet. We have one coming faster than we might imagine if we do not take steps to perfect this democracy."

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Rick Wilson