Right-wingers want to build their own digital echo chamber -- there's just one big problem with that: report

In an effort to counter what they see as a growing liberal dominance in this particular space, conservatives are building their own apps, phones, cryptocurrencies, and publishing houses, Axios reports.

As Axios points out, many of these ventures wouldn't be possible without the backing major financiers who are on a mission to fight back against "cancel culture" and other conservative grievances.

One example of these ventures is Rumble, which is described as the conservative alternative to YouTube and recently went public at an implied $2.1 billion valuation via a SPAC merger. Also there's Gettr, a social app launched by ex-Trump aide Jason Miller, who said that the app's funders is the family foundation of Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui.

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In the book publishing front, allies of former President Donald Trump launched a book publishing house called Winning Team Publishing, which plans to publish Trump first book.

But data from Apptopia shows that demand might not meet supply. According to Axios, conservatives "flocked to a slew of alternative social networks during the election an in the weeks following Donald Trump's de-platforming amid the Capitol insurrection, but downloads have since slowed."