'Right-wing extremists are on the run now' that Trump's gone: MSNBC's Morning Joe

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough was eager to consign Qanon cultists and white supremacist mobs to the dustbin of history after Donald Trump left office.

The "Morning Joe" host pointed to new revelations that pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Michael Flynn's brother, U.S. Army chief of staff Charles Flynn, took part in a meeting to decide whether to call in the National Guard to quell the violence at the U.S. Capitol, which had been incited by the former president and his right-wing allies.

"It was his brother [Michael Flynn] who was calling for insurrection against the United States, was calling for martial law," Scarborough said. "You actually had that Gen. [Charles] Flynn urgently calling for National Guard backup. Very interesting number of stories we have been reading the past 24 hours. Obviously, it will take months to have proper perspective on all of this. We had the New York Times story talking about how the Proud Boys are disgusted by Donald Trump now, calling him weak and feckless and other names that actually question his manhood, thought he was going to push back harder."

"Other stories written that Qanon is being busted up, some of the sites are being completely taken down," he continued. "Obviously so much of this depends on Facebook and Twitter. They're the ones, and we have been saying it every day on this show, they are the ones that spread the hate the past several years. They are the ones that spread the lies about the pandemic, we talked about that every day. They're the ones that allowed hundreds of thousands of people to die because they got the misinformation that Facebook and Twitter spread. The blood is on their hands as much as anybody else. The question is, will Facebook and Twitter continue to damage democracy, continue to allow people to use their platforms to spread theories that actually lead to insurrection against the United States and also lead to more people dying of a deadly pandemic."

"A lot of questions to answer here, but I'm just wondering from what you're looking at, from what you're hearing from your sources, does it seem that these right-wing extremist groups are on the run now, and that the FBI is not going to stop until they feel comfortable they have broken them to pieces?"

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