'All of his rallies are radicalization sites': fascism expert points to Trump as source of extremism
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

People you wouldn't typically expect to be right-wing extremists have been brainwashed by former president Donald Trump's rallies, which serve as "radicalization sites," according to an expert in fascism and extremism.

New York University history professor Ruth Ben-Ghiat appeared on MSNBC on Friday and was asked about how the label of "white supremacist" has begun to more often include Latino men and others who don't have white skin. Ben-Ghiat, author of "Strongmen: How they rise, why they succeed, and how they fall," said part of it comes down to political alliances.

"One clue to this was that the Latino vote, and Democrats didn't do enough to reach out. They took for granted that Latinos would vote for them because of Republicans', you know, awful stance of immigration," she said. "And instead, Latino men, there's lots of studies of this, voted for Trump in larger and larger numbers"

She added that this phenomenon is "also the outcome of a very efficient and successful work of radicalization that's gone on inside institutions, and outside."

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"And it just shows it's part of the spread of extremism that's beyond what he would consider as typical or classical members. And it also goes with... January 6th is very interesting because, if you look at who was there, it wasn't just people like Stewart Rhodes," Ben-Ghiat added. "It was also people who were middle class, who were kind of architects and computer programmers and these are people who have been radicalized at Donald Trump's rallies. And all of his rallies are radicalization sites. So extremism is a much, much bigger problem, which is why many government agencies are now, you know, issuing warnings almost every week."

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