Far-right broadcaster who called for race war pleads guilty to illegally stockpiling ammunition: report
Paul Nicholas Miller (Photo: Mugshot)

On Tuesday, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported that Paul Nicholas Miller, a Fort Lauderdale-based internet broadcaster who has called for a race war, has pleaded guilty to illegally stockpiling weapons in his home.

"Miller, a New Jersey native with two previous felony convictions, took a plea deal and pleaded guilty to three weapons charges stemming from an FBI raid of his home in March," reported Brooke Baitinger. "Although the raid involved the FBI's terrorism task force, no one explained in court whether Miller was under investigation for more serious offenses."

The report also noted that prosecutors found Miller, who has posted hateful tirades against Black and Jewish people online, was preparing for "a coming civil war." He faces up to 30 years in prison.

Miller's guilty plea comes as the FBI moves to crack down on domestic terrorism threats, which have increased in recent years and are being given new priority by the Biden administration. New crackdowns have ensnared members of white supremacist terror groups, including one known as The Base.