Russian hacker group responsible for taking down Mississippi election website
Hacker (Photo: Shutterstock)

According to a report from the Daily Beast, a Russian hacker group led the charge that took down the Mississippi Secretary of State website that contained valuable election information on election day.

The report notes that website was just one of many in the state that were made inaccessible by a "DDoS attack—direct denial of service attacks— which shut a site down by overloading it with traffic."

According to the Beast, "The sites were periodically offline after a Russian hacker group “named the state as a target to knock offline,” according to NBC News. CISA officials confirmed the Secretary of State’s site 'has been under a sustained DDoS,' according to NBC, and while other states had been targeted, there were no sustained outages elsewhere."

The report added the SOS site is a key source for voters to find their polling locations as well as information on how to vote.

On Twitter the Secretary of State's account posted information for voters which can be seen below: