'Clearly biased' Rittenhouse trial judge slammed for antics: 'Justice often leans hard towards privilege'

Judge Bruce Schroeder has been harshly criticized for his handling of Kyle Rittenhouse's homicide trial as the Kenosha proceedings continue to be broadcast nationwide by cable news.

Before the proceedings even started, there were worries that there would not be a fair trial after Schroeder ruled that those killed by Rittenhouse could not be called "victims," but they could be described as arsonists and looters.

Bess Levin of Vanity Fair noted that the criticism has only grown since then.

"Elsewhere in pretrial fun, Schroeder let Rittenhouse out on a $2 million bail, which was crowdfunded by people who think he did nothing wrong; refused to issue a new arrest warrant for Rittenhouse after prosecutors argued he had violated the terms of his bond; and said that he would allow the defense to introduce evidence of police officers telling the 17-year-old 'we appreciate you,'" Levin noted. "And that all happened before the trial got underway! Since it has, Schroeder has…seemed inclined to continue to go to bat for a kid who killed two people."

Here's some of what people are saying about Judge Schroeder: