Rittenhouse judge ‘constantly interferes’ in the prosecution: ex-federal prosecutor

A former federal prosecutor complained Wednesday that the judge in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial was a "real problem."

Kenosha County Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder interrupted prosecutors after they questioned Rittenhouse about his silence after his arrest.

"This is a grave Constitutional violation to talk about the defendant's silence. You are right on the borderline, you may be over. It better stop," Schroeder said.

Shanlon Wu criticized Schroeder, saying that "he constantly interferes with cross-exam of Rittenhouse right from the start."

Prosecutors also asked a series of questions about how Rittenhouse possessed the AR-15 if it was illegal for him to purchase one. He explained that he had his friend, who was over 18, purchase it for him and that they agreed that Rittenhouse would use with the gun when he wanted.

He said that he applied for a license to carry the weapon in May 2020 but that it wasn't approved by Aug. 2020 when he went to Wisconsin.