Black dad claims he was kicked out of Alabama mall after another parent’s kids cried at the sight of him

A Black father says he was removed from an Alabama mall after another family's children cried when he walked past.

TeJuan Dennis, a business owner, comedian and father of two, was carrying lunch back to the table where his toddler son was sitting Tuesday at Riverchase Galleria when another father confronted him over his own children becoming upset, reported

"I walked by a basket with these kids in it and they got to screaming and crying like I was trying to kidnap them," Dennis told the website. "The dad walked up to me and said, 'Hey, what did you to do my kids? You're scaring my kids."

"I said, 'I didn't do nothing to your kids, I just walked past the basket and they started crying,'" Dennis added. "'That must be what you're teaching them at home.'"

Dennis told the man, who he said appeared to be of Middle Eastern descent, that he saw several white people walk past without upsetting the children, and he suggested the other father had taught them to be racist.

"As soon as I walked past, they got to screaming and hollering," he said. "That shows me what you're teaching them at home.'''

The two fathers then began to loudly argue, and a security guard approached and seemed to blame Dennis for the situation.

"He got loud with me and I got loud with him,'' Dennis said. "By that time, security came and walked past him and straight to me. They said, 'What are you doing to this man?'''

Dennis insisted he had done nothing wrong, but the security guard asked if he'd touched the other children.

"I didn't do nothing,'' Dennis told the security guard. "I guess they're scared of me because I'm a big Black man. I don't know.''

The guard called Hoover police, who then escorted him out of the mall for allegedly trespassing, but the building's managers deny that Dennis was racially profiled.

"We are aware of the video circulating but the individual prior to that was actually being very loud and disruptive," said mall spokeswoman Lindsay Kahn. "I understand there were profanities being yelled so that disruptive behavior is actually a violation of our code of conduct."