'Two stupid grown men' got in shouting match after shooting one another's daughters: police body cam footage
A person shooting a gun (image via Shutterstock).

Police body camera footage released this week shows two fathers getting into a shouting match after they each shot one another's daughter during a road rage incident.

Fox 35 Orlando reports that, according to the Nassau County Sheriff's Office, the trouble began when the two men were driving with the families and started "brake checking" one another in what police described as a "cat and mouse" game.

The tensions between the two families escalated to the point where 43-year-old Frank Allison fired a gun at the car of 36-year-old William Hale -- and wound up shooting Hales 5-year-old daughter in the leg.

Hale responded with rage, pulled out his own gun, and fired a whole clip at Allison's car, which resulted in Allison's 14-year-old daughter suffering gunshot wounds and requiring treatment for a collapsed lung.

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When police arrived on the scene, the two men were shouting at one another, with Allison yelling at Hale about brake-checking him even as his daughter was crying in pain.

Both men were subsequently arrested and charged with attempted homicide.

"There could've been two dead kids cause of two stupid grown men," Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper commented.

Watch the footage below or at this link.