'They get away with everything': MSNBC's Morning Joe bashes Robert Mueller
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

Financial Times U.S. National Editor Edward Luce appeared on MSNBC Wednesday morning to discuss the law and how it pertains to the former presidency of Donald J. Trump and his allies who continue to dismiss it.

"We're already well into the election season before any penalties are going to be visited on these people," Luce said. "...They are saying to the law, 'Who is stronger? Us or your idea of the law?' So far the law has been very polite - taking its time."

Host Jim Scarborough replied, "Sam, you look at the [Robert] Mueller investigation... there was the 'Russian hoax, Russian hoax,' is because Mueller and the team weren’t aggressive in laying out what they discovered. Not only in the first part of it, but in that second part involving Russia and it is so -- I find it dumbfounding that people who claim to be journalists, reporters, commentators, would actually still run around talking about a 'Russian hoax,' as if they haven’t read the second half of that report."

Scarborough continued, "Or I’ll tell ya what, why don’t they just read Marco Rubio’s intel committee report, where the Republican Senate Intel Committee talked about the grave threat that these connections were to U.S. counterintelligence?"

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The host said "...there is a passivity, and more and more people I talk to, when things like this come up, just say, 'Oh, they’ll get away with it. They get away with everything. Trump gets away with everything. All these bad actors who lied about their contacts with Russia got away with everything. Trump obstructed justice 10 times, got away with everything. Mueller didn’t do anything about it when he was asked if he could be charged when he wasn't president, he said yes, but that was it. Again, passive is the word."

Scarborough railed, "The government has been passive time and time again for these people who have been bad actors and who prove to future politicians that you’re above the law."

Watch the segment below.

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