'Read the room': GOP official rips colleagues pushing xenophobia and misogyny 'It’s Mass., not Ala.'

Republicans are alienating some of their own in the New England region as as the party lurches rightward in the era of Donald Trump, the Boston Globe reported Monday.

"They are an increasingly marginalized breed in Texas and Florida. They haven’t made it to the front of the presidential pack in a decade. And even in Massachusetts, once a cradle of Rockefeller Republicanism, the moderate GOP teeters on the brink of extinction: most of the party’s candidates for statewide office this year revere Donald Trump and reject the politics of retiring Governor Charlie Baker," the newspaper reported. "At the Massachusetts GOP’s convention two weekends ago, speakers falsely claimed that the 2020 election was 'stolen,' labeled Democrats 'evil,' and reprised a 2016 greatest hit, chanting 'Lock her up! Lock her up!' at the mention of Hillary Clinton.

Baker did not attend the convention.

"Rayla Campbell, the GOP’s candidate for secretary of state, baselessly warned the crowd that public schools are instructing 5-year-olds to perform oral sex on each other. (Many fellow Republicans disavowed her vulgarity, but backed up the sentiment)," the newspaper explained. "That rhetoric is easy to dismiss as irrelevant in a reliably blue state where those extreme voices are unlikely to win elected office. But the hard-right turn the party has taken nonetheless signals the continued decline of the moderate New England Republican, long popular here for conservative fiscal policy, a hands-off approach to social issues, and as a counterbalance to a Democratic-dominated Legislature."

The newspaper interviewed Jaclyn Corriveau, the only Asian American member of the GOP state committee.

“I left the room for a lot of [the convention] because a lot of what was said was going to be disturbing.… A lot of xenophobia, a lot of misogyny,” she said.

“Read the room. It’s Massachusetts, not Alabama," she counseled.

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Massachusetts Republican Party Chair Jim Lyons' convention speech:

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