You're still lying: Kansas Senator flattened by hometown newspaper after saying 'move on' from 'Big Lie'
Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) (Photo: Facebook)

In an interview with CNN this week, Kansas Sen. Roger Marshall (R) claimed that the world should simply move on from the attacks on the U.S. Capitol and the attempts to overthrow the election.

Marshall was one of those who participated in the election overthrow attempt on Jan. 6 when he voted against accepting election results from states that voted for President Joe Biden.

"I made a decision based on upon the facts that I knew at that point in time," Marshall argued, claiming the "Big Lie" was a fact. "But it's time to move on, it's time for this country to heal, it's time for a spirit of forgiveness to be happening."

Marshall was met with a flood of criticism, noting that no other criminal behavior is dismissed for a need to "heal." But it was his own hometown newspaper, The Kansas City Star, which nailed Marshall for continuing to lie about the election.

"Marshall was one of only six GOP senators who voted against certifying the Electoral College results on Jan. 6, just hours after a berserk mob invaded the U.S. Capitol, killing at least five people, including one police officer. (Marshall had company in the vote with his Missouri neighbor, Sen. Josh Hawley, natch,)" the Star explained.

Marshall has done nothing more to try to justify his bad behavior, refusing to apologize and admit he was wrong, much less agree that Biden is the legitimately elected president.

"And he isn't sorry, since he still didn't back down from his vague claims about nonexistent voter fraud," said The Star, quoting his comments to CNN host Pamela Brown.

"I was concerned then and still am today," that the election wasn't legitimate. The Star noted that Marshall hasn't raised any questions about Senators or members of Congress who were elected in 2020. He only disputes the presidential race.

Ironically, Marshall complained that America must "move on" instead of doing the second impeachment of Donald Trump. At the time, he claimed that "this country has to heal."

"That's an odd prescription from a doctor-turned-politician who makes it a regular practice to pick at the country's culture war wounds," the editorial read. "His Twitter feed and official press releases often read like a MAGA 'Mad Libs.'" It's a flood of conspiracy theories about hamburgers and other culture war issues like opposing Washington, D.C. statehood.

Calling it "red meat for his Breitbart sound bite base," The Star said that if he truly wants for people to move on and focus on problems that can be solved "together," then continuing to promote "The Big Lie" isn't the way to do it.

"Instead, he's still telling the lie that he repeated on CNN, that 'six states broke their own laws or their own constitution' to make it easier to vote during a pandemic. And to allow, for example, the same expanded mail-in voting that Kansas used in the election in which he was elected to the U.S. Senate. Kansas has allowed no-excuse absentee voting since the 1990s and actively promoted mail voting in 2020."

If Marshall truly believes that the mail-in voting system used in those states should be questioned, then he should call into question the 2020 election in Kansas.

"And as long as he's telling that one, he's not on the side of any healing," the editorial closed.

Read the full piece from the Kansas City Star.