Trump ally Roger Stone claims Secret Service tried to escort him to the Capitol on January 6

During an appearance Tuesday on Newsmax, Roger Stone denied having any involvement in the Capitol riot on January 6. Federal authorities are reportedly investigating whether Stone, a longtime confidante of former President Donald Trump, played a role in the incident.

"Let me stay this as categorically as I can," Stone said. "Any claim, assertion, implication or otherwise any accusation that I either knew about or was involved in any of the illegal acts in Washington, D.C. on January 6th is categorically false. There is no evidence to the contrary and an honest investigation will prove that."

He told Newsmax that he never left the grounds of the Willard Hotel, where he was staying.

"I do find it odd that shortly after the president spoke, the Secret Service contacted someone who worked for me by phone and told me that they wanted to escort me to the Capitol. I declined," Stone said.

"The Secret Service does not perform logistical tasks. I find it rather suspicious, to be honest with you," he added.

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