Roger Stone selling 'autographed rocks' in desperate bid to pay his legal bills: report
Roger Stone (Photo: Screen capture)

Trump ally Roger Stone is still having trouble paying for his significant legal bills -- and The Daily Beast reports that he's now been reduced to trying to sell autographed rocks.

Stone has been trying to sell several items during the holiday season, including NFTs of autographs of former President Donald Trump, as well as some memorabilia he's collected throughout his decades of involvement in right-wing politics.

While Stone had initially announced the auction as a one-day sale, The Daily Beast writes that he has since extended the offer because he's found so few takers.

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In addition to the autographed rocks, which are selling for $100 a piece, Stone is also selling items including "a collection of Mike Lindell bobbleheads, photographs of Ronald Reagan, [and] the movie 'Grease' on DVD ($50)."

Stone is facing civil lawsuits over his role in organizing the "Stop the Steal" rally on January 6th that led to the deadly riots at the United States Capitol building. He has also been hit with a lawsuit over allegedly shortchanging the government for millions of dollars in tax payments.