Roger Stone pled the Fifth when the J6 Committee asked him his age: transcripts
Roger Stone (Screen cap).

Right-wing dirty trickster Roger Stone apparently believes that revealing his age could open him up to criminal prosecution.

As flagged by CBS News' Scott MacFarlane, newly released transcripts of 34 January 6th Committee witnesses show that Stone invoked his Fifth Amendment rights when a questioner asked him how old he was.

"On the basis of the advice of counsel, I will yet again assert my Fifth Amendment rights to respectfully decline to answer your question," he said.

Stone gave a virtually identical answer when the interviewer asked Stone to list his address.

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These exchanges prompted the questioner to remark, "Mr. Stone I understand that you'll be asserting your Fifth Amendment right to each question we ask today."

The questioner then explained to Stone that the Fifth Amendment is only intended to protect witnesses who could incriminate themselves by telling the truth, and that he didn't need to plead the Fifth when asked non-incriminating questions.

"Do you understand that the Fifth Amendment protects your right to refuse to answer questions if the truth itself is incriminating?" the questioner asked.

"On the advice of counsel, I will yet again assert my right to decline to answer your question respectfully on the basis of the Fifth Amendment," Stone replied.