How the Oath Keepers verdict could be an ominous sign for Roger Stone
Roger Stone (Photo by Andrew Caballero-Reynolds for AFP)

On CNN Tuesday, following the convictions of the far-right militia Oath Keepers' leaders for seditious conspiracy and various other offenses in connection with the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti broke down how the verdict spells trouble for key allies of former President Donald Trump.

In particular, Mariotti zeroed in on longtime Trump associate Roger Stone, who was flanked by Oath Keepers acting as bodyguards in D.C. shortly before they joined the attack.

"We know that Oath Keepers were in contact with individuals close to former President Trump, including Roger Stone and Michael Flynn," said anchor Jake Tapper. "How might this verdict today, this guilty verdict for two of the five seditious conspiracy and guilty for all five for obstructing official proceedings, a potential 20 years in prison each for the seditious conspiracy charge — how could this impact Donald Trump's associates like Roger Stone and Mike Flynn?"

"Well, they have to be concerned, because — particularly the individuals, like you said, Roger Stone, who have very specific and personal ties to these groups," said Mariotti. "You know, Jake, when I represent clients who are, you know, part of a series of cases that are getting charged, I usually track the different cases and sentences and the results in a spreadsheet and keep my clients up to date on how all those cases are going, working their way through the courts. If I represented Roger Stone here and I was giving him advice, I would tell him, you know, we need to be very concerned about your involvement, your relationships with these groups."

All of this matters, said Mariotti, because the January 6 investigation at the Justice Department is "ongoing."

"You don't want yourself to get caught up in a seditious conspiracy charge," said Mariotti. "I mean, what I think the Justice Department proved today is they can try seditious conspiracy cases, and they can win and get a conviction on these facts, on the January 6th conspiracy. And I think that's — that's something that was a question mark up until now, there was doubters out there — and everyone associated with the January 6th conspirators, I think, have to take note of that and be concerned."

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Renato Mariotti says Roger Stone could be next after Oath Keepers trial