Roger Stone’s legal woes have only gotten worse since Trump’s pardon: report
Roger Stone (Screen cap).

"Trump whisperer" Roger Stone is blaming former special counsel Robert Mueller for a civil lawsuit filed against him by the Department of Justice alleging that he evaded tax payments and defrauded the federal government.

In response to the DOJ lawsuit, Stone's lawyers alleged in a court filing this week, "This case would never have been brought if it didn't involve Roger Stone," according to the Daily Beast.

Stone's response to the DOJ lawsuit was filed on the same day he was subpoenaed by the House Select Committee investigating the Capitol insurrection.

Stone and his wife, Nydia, face federal civil charges "related to $2 million in unpaid taxes accumulated over more than a decade, as well as an allegedly fraudulent real estate deal prosecutors say was designed to shelter assets from government collectors while the couple maintained a lavish lifestyle," the Daily Beast reports.

But Stone's lawyers claim the lawsuit stems from Mueller's Russia investigation, which led to his conviction on seven felony charges of lying and witness tampering, and "nearly bankrupted him."

"One problem with this argument: The new charges, which center largely on transactions carried out in February and March 2019, predate that trial," the Daily Beast reports. "Another problem: Federal prosecutors have argued that Stone engaged in the alleged fraud precisely because he anticipated the ordeal might bankrupt him."

In "non sequitir" fashion, Stone's response to the DOJ lawsuit goes on to attack Mueller for the Russia investigation and praise former president Donald Trump, the Daily Beast reports.

"If anything, the legal seas have only grown choppier for Roger Stone after Trump's December pardon," according to the site. "That was soon followed by the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, which had been fueled by rallies Stone attended alongside Oath Keeper militia members. And on Monday, the Jan. 6 House select committee subpoenaed Stone over his alleged role in the event. Then in April, the DOJ hit the Stones with the tax evasion indictment."

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