Top QAnon influencer declares herself 'Leader of the World' during event at campground parking lot
A person wears a QAnon sweatshirt during a pro- Donald Trump rally on Oct. 3, 2020, in the borough of Staten Island in New York City. - Stephanie Keith/Getty Images North America/TNS

Vice News reveals that a press secretary for Romana Didulo, the QAnon influencer who purports to be the true Queen of Canada, has announced that she is now leading the world.

“The entire team was privileged to hear Queen Romana speak to the United States Commander and Chief via telephone and hear the intel disclosed. Wait for it…. ” said Didulo’s press secretary. “Queen Romana is the leader of the world!”

She stood in a parking lot with a new RV and a purple Queen Roman logo. The press aide explained that this would bring legitimacy to the new Queen of the World.

“Queen Romana has done all of the heavy lifting and now it is up to we the people to stand in our authority and put these decrees into place,” she told the queen's followers of the 79 "decrees" that the queen has issued. "The only visible leader on this planet is her royal majesty Queen Romana period, and that’s a mic drop."

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Didulo believes there's a secret war against so-called "elites" and inserts herself into the world created by the conspiracy. She has been traveling across the country in a convoy called the "mobile government" and meeting with her followers.

One of her decrees is making Victoria, British Columbia the new Canadian capital and raising the age of consent to 24. Another would remove all refugees and immigrants from Canada.

She also passed a decree that any person “publishing slanderous articles concerning Queen Romana Didulo of the Kingdom” will be put in prison for 30 years. None of the decrees are satirical.

The report noted that in the past she's urged supporters to shoot people over vaccines being given to children.

"We're not putting up with this garbage anymore," one follower of the queen's wrote on a Telegram channel. "Queen Romana did the heavy lifting and we have to take over and finish this!"

It's unclear if she will travel to the United States, or any other part of "the Kingdom" as part of her self-proclaimed foreign reign.

Read the full report at Vice News.

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