Ron DeSantis is busy creating the next 'big lie': MSNBC contributor
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

During an appearance on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," regular contributor John Heilemann suggested Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is setting the stage for his political future by creating his own "big lie" after taking a page from Donald Trump.

According to Heilemann, the one major issue dogging the Florida Republican is the COVID-19 crisis in his state and he has chosen to try and lie his way through it by blaming the Democrats and the media -- a well-known Trump strategy.

"You know, interestingly you had Ann Applebaum on in the last hour," Heilemann told host Joe Scarborough. "She was talking about it yesterday on our air, and she made a point which I thought was really smart and made me go back and look at what DeSantis has been saying the last couple days. Pay attention to it closely from the standpoint that you guys are talking about the misinformation and disinformation problem in that segment."

"You know, he is really -- he is complaining for sure, but the aggressiveness and the assertiveness that he's showing in running this play, in making this argument, inside his complaints about Biden, he's setting up the structure, a lot of the stuff is he's saying is he's creating another kind of big lie around the Biden administration's policies around COVID," he explained.

Watch below:

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