Ron DeSantis’ rage against Disney is worse than Trump trying to get Jimmy Kimmel fired: columnist
Ron DeSantis on Facebook.

Ron DeSantis and the Republican-led Florida legislature officially ushered in laws that remove any power or control that Disney has over the area of their park south of Orlando. Up until recently, Disney has been operating its own utilities, fire department and emergency services. Now, taxpayers will be forced to spend money to fund that.

It could end up costing taxpayers as much as $1 billion, because it passes the infrastructure debt onto the taxpayers instead of the corporation. The Florida bill (HB 9) tried to fix the problem by handing power to DeSantis to appoint a board of the taxing district. They would have the authority to levy property taxes and fees, issue bonds and provide services, the Orlando Sentinel reported this month.

DeSantis, who had his wedding at Disney, targeted the company directly because they opposed his so-called "Don't Say Gay" bill.

Rep. David Jolly, a former Republican lawmaker from Florida, explained that it's an example of Republicans quashing freedom and business in the state.

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"You can write a thesis on the power of big or less government," said Jolly. "I look at this through a qualitative lens. The takeaway is what is most disturbing. Ron DeSantis, through his war on these communities, needs to be looked at on behalf of a party that is trying to take us backward to white, Christian, America. What he said about the board members he appointed to oversee Disney's taxing district, he won't be happy until 'It's a Small World' is a cruise through Christian, white, America. That's what he wants to accomplish. That is now his constituency. That is the danger. If he is the Republican nominee in 2024, the danger he presents is different than Donald Trump's willingness to shred the Constitution. Ron DeSantis presents a cultural danger of trying to take America backward and not have us look forward."

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace explained that it isn't the best argument for DeSantis if he wants to harness support from the fringe. She called him a "one-man culture war."

This week, Rolling Stone reported that one of the things that happened during Donald Trump's administration is that the president was so upset about ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel making fun of him that he demanded Disney rein him in.

Boston Globe senior columnist Kimberly Atkins Stohr explained that this is what the Republican base is all about. For a party that complains about cancel culture and censorship, they invented it.

"There was a world in which he could have framed this as a move to protect business or the interest of Florida, and it would pack muster," said Stohr. "But because he himself is saying he's punishing Disney, and he's punishing them for their wokeness I suspect Disney will challenge this law and will probably win. But maybe that will give him something else to use politically. But he is being just as anti-Constitution as Donald Trump in this, and also going far beyond his executive authority, signaling what he might do if he gets to the White House."

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Ron DeSantis is just like Trump for raging at Jimmy Kimmel